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Opening Hours

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- To limit the number of visitors on site, we will operate strictly by appointment only. Anyone without an appointment, or arriving outside the agreed time slot will not be seen.

- Birds will be boxed up ready for prompt collection. Please take a moment to look over the birds and check you are happy with the ones we have picked out.

- Please help us to maintain a 2 meter distance between visitors and our team.

- When arriving at the farm as a group or family, we would ask only 1 person gets out the vehicle. This is just to limit the overall exposure.


End of Season Sale - POL Hens available:
Light Sussex - reduced to £10 each 
Rhode Rocks - reduced to £10 each 
Bluebelles - reduced to £10 each 
Rhode Island Reds - reduced to £10 each 
Magpies - reduced to £10 each 
Blue Eggers (Aracuana cross) -
reduced to £10 each 
Speckled (the original Barred Plymouth Rock hybrid hen) - reduced to £10 each
Browns - reduced to £7 each 

Please kindly note that we do not sell hatching eggs. 

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Feed Prices

Layers pellets - 25kg - £10 -  (Suitable for adult chickens/laying hens 20+ weeks of age)
Chicken Growers Pellets 25kg - £10 - (Suitable for growing chickens, 4 - 20 weeks of age) 
Chick Crumb 25kg sack - £15 - (Suitable for day old chicks 0 - 4 weeks of age) - SOLD OUT
Chick Crumb 5kg loose bag sack - £4 - (Suitable for day old chicks 0 - 4 weeks of age) - SOLD OUT

Duck Growers Pellets 25kg - £10 - (Suitable for growing ducks 4 - 20 weeks of age) - SOLD OUT
Duck Breeder pellets - 25kg - £10 -  (Suitable for adult ducks 20+ weeks of age) - LIMITED STOCK 

As with the sale of birds, feed sales are by appointment only.
Bedding Prices
Pine wood shavings - £8.00 per bale

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