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2020 hatching has begun! More breeds will be available weekly as they hatch!

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Large Fowl Pure Breds

Crested Cream Legbar

A British heritage rare breed standardised in the 1950's. They lay blue eggs in good numbers. A light bodied breed that can be sexed from day old.

Availability - Available once we reopen.

Rhode Island Reds

An American breed dating back to the 19th century. This is a rock solid breed. Dependable, hardy, great foragers, and probably our best layers. They lay buckets of a large brown eggs. 

Availability - Available once we reopen.


A German breed dating back to the 1900's. A gold body with black neck and tail. A light breed which lays plenty of medium white eggs. 

Availability - Available once we reopen.

Ayam Cemani

Totally black inside and out,  with a green iridescence in the right light. A light breed which lays medium white eggs.  I had read they were poor layers, but not found this myself!

Availability - Available once we reopen.

Buff Orpington

Big and friendly , think Golden Retriever in chicken form. A big heavy breed but very relaxed. Another British rare heritage breed dating back to the late 1800's. Not fantastic layers, but lay a medium white egg.

Availability - Available once we reopen.

Bantam Pure Breds


Small, colourful, cheeky and friendly! A true bantam originating from Asia, which came to Europe in the nineteenth century. Lots of colour options! Make great broody hens. For a bantam they lay great, laying small/medium white eggs. 

Availability - Available once we reopen.

Cuckoo Marans

A French breed from the town of Marans.  Lay medium dark brown eggs, and for a bantam strain lay surprisingly well! With the cuckoo colour, the males are more barred/lighter then the females, making them fairly easily sexed at a young age.

Availability - Available once we reopen.

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