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Mount Bank Farm

Ellerbeck, Northallerton

North Yorkshire


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Teaching you everything you will need to know to start your journey into chicken or duck keeping.

Introducing our Poultry 101 course, covering everything you need to know to get started in the world of poultry keeping. Hosted by our farm manager, Jack, who has built up a wealth of knowledge through many years keeping a diverse range of animals.  

Topics covered;

- Choosing your bird. Consideration of what breeds and age bird best suit your situation.

- Housing. Exploring the various housing options to fit your birds and budget.

- Daily care, including feeding, cleaning and general husbandry. 

- Raising chicks, from day old to out in the field.

- Protecting you birds from both predators and frequently seen diseases.

. Plus much more. Including handling, medication, egg production and the law around poultry keeping. 

Priced at £25 per person. 
Sessions run from 11:00 - 14:00, with tea/coffee/ biscuits available. Courses located on the farm, visit our contact us page for location information.
Up coming course dates:
Wednesday 27/03/2019
Wednesday 24/04/2019
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