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Mount Bank Farm

Ellerbeck, Northallerton

North Yorkshire


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Ducks + Geese

Last updated, 20/03/2020 Terms and conditions

All bird sales are by appointment, and subject to our terms and conditions. Sorry no hatching eggs available. 

Indian Runners

Unique for their upright + alert stance, Indian runners are a fantastic laying breed. Runners don't fly, and love spending time rummaging for slugs and insects. They were almost extinct in Britain in the early 20th century, and was only due to breeders importing birds in the early 1900's that their numbers are no increasing. 


We produce mainly whites and fawn + whites, plus plenty of other colours frequently hatch. 

Availability - Ducklings available, on heat, from £4.00 each.

Khaki Campbell

British rare heritage breed, which are by far our best layer! Lively birds with brown plumage. The males developing a distinctive dark hood. If you want lots of white duck eggs, these are the ones to go for.

Availability -  Ducklings available, on heat, from £4.00 each.


A heavy American breed taking its name from Lake Cayuga. Black feathering with a iridescent green shimmer. The girls can develop white as they age.

Availability - Ducklings due in April

Welsh Harlequin

Rare British heritage breed, originally developed in the 1940's from Khaki Campbells. Like Campbells they are great layers. Male and females vary in appearance considerably, with males having dark browns/bronzes, with a dark hood. and females being more of a honey fawn. 

Availability - Ducklings available, on heat, from £5.00 each.

Geese - Toulouse

A Heavy french breed originating from the Toulouse region of France. Grey plumage. Some of our stock are exhibition dewlaps, with others being the more standard build. 

Extremely limited availability as they dont lay very often.

Availability - 1 Embdem x Toulouse Female available. White, hatched summer 2019.  £30

Most grown on ducks are available sexed. Ducklings can also be vent sexed on request, for more information click here

In the interests of social distancing, we are now closed for all sales until further notice.