Purchase Policy

The below forms the terms and conditions of any sales from our farm.

Care for the birds: We are always happy to offer advice on the care of any bird we sell. However we would ask customer to research the basic requirements on caring for your chosen bird before purchasing. Ducks and chickens will live for many years, requiring daily attention. Please consider the long term commitment before purchasing.

Minimum Numbers: Chickens, ducks and many other birds must be kept in a flock. They need the company of birds of their own species to do well, and cannot me kept on their own. For this reason we do not sell birds individually unless they will be joining an appropriate existing flock. For very young birds we sell these in minimum numbers of 3.

Health Guarantee: We always endeavour to make sure all the birds that leave the farm are happy and healthy. In the event of a newly purchased bird is showing any signs of illness or injury, please contact us immediately.

Hatching eggs: Due to the variability of incubation methods used, we cannot offer guaranteed hatch rates on eggs. We only sell eggs from birds we have successfully hatched eggs from recently ourselves, so fertility is known to be good.  

Returning birds/Bio-security: With the risk of avian diseases so prevalent, we are required to maintain very high standards of bio-security on our farm. For this reason, unless as a consequence of our error, we cannot accept the return of birds to the farm. Any birds coming onto the farm presents a disease risk for both our existing flocks, and the flocks of future customers. We are happy to offer advice on advertising birds that may require re-homing. For the same reason, we do not offer any form of holiday/boarding/re-homing service. 

Sexing birds - Some birds will be sold where their gender is known. These tend to be more grown on birds advertised as sexed. When buying younger birds, although we can make an educated guess on the sex, it is usually too early to be 100% sure. Please ask for guaranteed sexed birds if you require 100% assurance of the gender. Vent sexed young ducklings cannot be sold as guaranteed female as errors can be made. For bio-security reasons above, we cannot accept the return of birds misidentified. However, every effort will be made to be as accurate as possible with sexing.

Table birds - Unless otherwise specified, our birds are not intended for human consumption. Vaccinations and medication may have been used in the birds lifetime which are not licenced for birds entering the food chain.  With meat birds not being our area, another provider might be more suitable for providing table birds.

Rescue Centres - We would ask that any potential purchaser of a bird look into their long term care requirements to be in the best chance to offer the bird a home for life. From time to time things don't work out. In this instance we would ask people look to re-home the bird/s through websites such as Gumtree or Preloved. There are also many bird specific classified websites and magazines that are free to use. We would strongly discourage leaving birds at animal rescue centers or other charities which already have very stretched resources caring for genuine welfare cases. We believe rescue centres should be used for genuine welfare emergencies, and not as a convenient way to quickly move on unwanted animals.